About Us

About us.

We help people and machines work smarter together today to evolve your business, humanity, and the world tomorrow. Plus, building a true AGI is just plain fun.

Humanizing machine intelligence.

For a long time we have felt like the approach to machine intelligence was backwards. Why attempt to model unknown intelligence functions when we can look to natural evolutionary systems and brain mechanics to solve our most challenging problems? Instead of using AI to help us understand the brain, should we not use the brain to help us understand AI? For us, making machine intelligence approachable and accessible to all skill levels and business needs was critical not only to our industry, but the future of humanity. And so we built Intelligent Artifacts.

Artifacts of innovation.

Unlike other innovators in the Artificial General Intelligence space, intelligence itself is not our goal. it is neither the ultimate product nor the ending outcome of our efforts. It is the output, an artifact, a subsequent, ever-changing result in a greater journey toward creating the most advanced Machine Intelligence platform. It is a vehicle by which we drive change, not the final destination.

Our vision.

To evolve machines in a manner that evolves humanity.

Our mission.

To not only create the framework for true machine intelligence to emerge, but to also create a partner network for it to thrive and evolve effectively.

Our story.

Intelligent Artifacts was not formed as a startup in a dorm room or garage, like so many tech companies of our time. It was forged as a digital collaboration of seasoned, passionate professionals–wild-eyed dreamers, we are, with an absolute focus and sincerity. To this day, we believe our individual journeys brought us together to build something uniquely capable of creating a powerful and lasting solution for machine intelligence.

With a shared sense of hope for the future of humanity, our collective abilities and imaginative geekiness forged a path for us to create what we believe will not only change the world as it is, but for generations to come. Together, we can reengineer a part of humanity's future by creating the first viable machine intelligence: a new civilization of intelligent machines that works harmoniously with humans to foster a better world for us all.

Our Team.

Nick Cianciolo
Chief Executive Officer
Sevak Avakians
Founder & CTO
Mark Mackowiak
Chief Operations Officer
David Verlander
Emily Mathwich
Communications Manager
Giovanni Jackson
Operations Coordinator
Biswas Sharma
Cognitive Functions Engineer
Jeff Knupp
Platform Software Engineer
Alberto Serrano-Calva
Machine Vision Engineer
Brad Davis
Junior Solutions Engineer
Chief Intelligence Officer

Updates & News.

April 13, 2018

Winner of the Sikorsky Entrepreneurial Challenge.

Intelligent Artifacts has won the prestigious Innovation Challenge for its Artificial General Intelligence (AGI) platform.

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