NEW YORK, April 6, 2021 /PRNewswire/ -- Intelligent Artifacts today announced a new partnership with ConsuNova, the leading global provider of avionics systems certification services, to develop a software Cert-kit for airborne aerospace solutions.

"We've created a new category of 'Traceable Machine Learning'" says Mark Mackowiak, Intelligent Artifacts' COO, "which enables customers to fully understand why a prediction was made. End-Users can trace a prediction back through our analytical system to edit or update specific original records with real-time, safety-critical refinements."

Development of this Cert-kit will allow Intelligent Artifacts to offer plug-and-play capabilities to Aerospace companies looking to integrate proven certifiable machine learning into full solution stacks needing to be FAA certified for deployment on aircraft.

Nick Cianciolo, Intelligent Artifacts CEO adds, "ConsuNova performed a Gap analysis of Intelligent Artifacts' technology identifying a definitive path to DO-178C certification, which we are now pursuing. Ours is the only machine learning technology we are aware of that can satisfy current FAA safety standards."

The work itself will include meeting design and code requirements, passing safety assessments, and providing complete documentation on Intelligent Artifacts' software solution. This process will be overseen and approved by ConsuNova and their team of FAA Designated Engineering Representatives (DER).

Reza Madjidi, ConsuNova CEO and FAA Consulting DER, says, "ConsuNova is delighted to be a part of this development and intends to apply various DO-178C certification compliance solutions including complete DO-178C Process Templates, Checklists and FAA DER support as well as engineering support with complete evidence of certification audits. Our team is led by Martin Beeby who brings specific background in machine learning and is currently contributing to EUROCAE WG-114 SAE G-34 working group on Artificial Intelligence."

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