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A Force Multiplier for Mission Success.

AI/ML & Reasoning Solutions for Trusted Decision-making and Execution.

Meet Our Tactical Tech Arsenal.

We know that the unique needs and requirements of DOD vary across agencies and organizations.

That's why we tailor our solutions to align with your mission and compliance needs. Our TORC (Traceable, Observable, Replaceable, and Consumable) solutions integrate seamlessly into your existing ecosystem so your organization can adapt to evolving mission demands without vendor lock-in.

Meet Our Tactical Tech Arsenal.

We know that the unique needs and requirements of DOD vary across agencies and organizations.

We work with you to custom-fit our machine intelligence solutions to meet your mission and compliance requirements enabling seamless integration into your existing ecosystem of systems and processes.

Adaptive solutions for today's mission and tomorrow's challenges.

GAIuS for Cyber

Autonomous SOC system monitoring and real-time threat analysis, including zero-day.

GAIuS for Sensor Fusion

Unified data from diverse sensors and sources for a clear and comprehensive operational view.

GAIuS for Mission Planning

Streamlined Course of Action (COA) development for more effective and dynamic strategies.

GAIuS for Maintenance & Logistics

Generative query engine for historical fault/ops maintenance solutions. Predictive capabilities for detecting failures before they occur.

Don't see your use case listed here? No problem.

Our flexible solution is designed to scale both vertically and horizontally to solve any data-centric problem. Tell us about your use case using the Request Info form below.

Why Intelligent Artifacts?

Deployable Anywhere, Trusted Everywhere.

Trusted Force Multiplier

Verifiable, trusted decision-making

Easy integration, certifiable

Top-down insertion of commanders intent or policy

Operates disconnected and helps reconstitution; supports federated solutions

Interoperable, increases data sharing

Fully auditable
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Disruptive Solution, Successful Implementation.

Enduring Technology

Scales vertically and horizontally

Data, problem, and network-agnostic

Transparent for easy independent Verification & Validation

Resilient; understands dynamic environments and variables

Fully open and modular

No upfront modeling; unbiased with the ability to purge data

Reduced Total Ownership Costs, Maximized Value.

Reduced Lifecycle Cost

No vendor lock with reduced program risk

Minimal end-user training

Small integration costs

Future-proof solution - can modernize with minimal effort

Greatly reduced total ownership costs

A single solution for multiple use cases

The GAIuS Platform


IA.dev IDE


AI Readiness Assessment


DO-178C Cert-kit

Transparent & Trusted Machine Intelligence

All solutions are built from elements of our modular, flexible, and scalable GAIuS™ platform.

Leverage AI/ML & Reasoning in a single intelligent engine without the need for complex coding. Our loosely coupled architecture allows our intelligence layer to ingest any multi-modal data and integrate with any application using just 4 API calls.

Experience efficiency and innovation like never before, all while focusing on what truly matters – achieving your mission with confidence.

Our Products & Services

Rapid Data-to-Deployment

Implement AI/ML & Reasoning in days or weeks, rather than months or years.

Here's how it works:


Data Ingest

Intelligent Artifacts' engineering team converts your data into our universal format.


Testing & Evaluation

Intelligent Artifacts' solutions team configures your intelligent agent from modular components in the GAIuS platform.


Deployment Into Your Operational Environment

Your custom solution gets integrated into your production system using 4 simple API calls.

Recognized SBIR success.

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