New York, NY — Intelligent Artifacts, a leading innovator in mission and safety-critical AI/ML, is proud to announce its latest achievement—an Air Force Phase I Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) contract. This contract signifies a significant step forward in the quest to enhance the operational capabilities of the F-35 Lightning II platform, one of the world's most advanced combat aircraft.

The F-35 Lightning II is renowned for its prowess in ground attack and air-superiority missions. Equipped with state-of-the-art sensors and an extensive "threat library" of Mission Data Files, the F-35 has the capacity to detect and identify enemy threats in real-time during missions across the globe.

“One of the F-35's unique challenges lies in its evolving software load. With each new operating system version, mission data must be painstakingly reprogrammed and rebuilt from scratch—an incredibly labor-intensive process. We offer an innovative solution to this problem,” says Mark Mackowiak, Intelligent Artifacts SBIR lead and COO. “Our software platform provides a comprehensive, explainable, deterministic sensor fusion and prediction solution with a standardized universal input/output format. What sets our solution apart is its ability to autonomously adapt and learn without extensive pre-programming or knowledge engineering.”

Key features of Intelligent Artifacts' AI/ML platform include:

This Phase I SBIR contract highlights Intelligent Artifacts' commitment to revolutionizing military technology and enhancing the F-35's mission capabilities. The company looks forward to collaborating with the Air Force to implement its groundbreaking solution, reducing the cognitive burden on pilots and expediting the decision-making process.

About Intelligent Artifacts
Intelligent Artifacts is a machine intelligence company dedicated to advancing intelligent systems with solutions built from our groundbreaking AI framework that allows users to understand why, how, when, and where actionable information is generated and make changes to source data without retraining the entire system. IA’s AI provides the complete intelligence layer for Defense and Aerospace customers in need of modular, flexible, and scalable intelligent systems. Our evolutionary technology offering ensures trustworthy, transparent, and effective AI/ML integration across mission and safety-critical applications as a pathway to achieving human-level intelligence. To learn more visit Intelligent Artifacts | Cognitive Machine Intelligence.