• Cognitive Computing
    for Software Developers, Scientists, and Makers
Make and deploy a custom artificial intelligence in 3 minutes.
  • Recognize, Predict, Decide, Act, Evolve

    General Evolving Networked Intelligence Engine

  • How is this better?

  • Sequence Matters

    Genie distinguishes between past, present, and future events.

    It handles both sequence agnostic and sequence sensitive phenomena.
  • No Data Modeling
    Continuous Real-Time Learning

    Genie doesn't model data.

    Genie records and indexes data, allowing it to learn and adapt continuously, in real-time.
  • Flexible Predictions

    Modeling is done at prediction time and includes the latest observed data.
  • Accessible Deep Learning

    Identify operations to the data. Troubleshooting tools at each node.
  • Universal Data Inputs

    Process text and vector data with simple JSON object.
  • Cognitive Processors with APIs

    Modular Cognitive Processors abstract away the complexities of machine intelligence and provide an API for developers.

    A typical application uses only 5 API calls.
  • Robust in Noisy Environments or Missing Data

    Genie's fuzzy pattern recognizer does not need exact matches to identify known objects and events.
  • Genies have DNA

    Genies can be mutated and bred together to produce more powerful solutions.

    The future of artificial intelligence doesn't require coding!
  • Trained through Operant Conditioning

    Positive and negative reinforcement is used to mold the behavior of the genie.
  • What can I do with Genie?

  • Predictions

    Predict what will happen next, further into the future, what unobserved events happened in the past, and what anamolies exist in the present state.

    Product Recommendations, Actuaries, Risk Analysis

  • Classifications

    Get back a textual description of what the genie is observing.

    Classify objects and events. Convert numeric data into human-readable text.

    Object Recognition, Data Normalization

  • Decision Support

    Use historic data to provide the best paths to achieving goals.

    Customer Support, Sales Opportunities, Customer Churn Prevention

  • Understanding Data

    Automated data analysis provides insights into your data sets.

    Quantify the amount of useful or actionable information in your data. Discover key indicators, find signal over noise.

    Big Data Analytics, Signal Discovery, Noise Elimination, Key Indicator Identification

  • Automating with Intelligence

    Move beyond rigid if/then statements. Teach your genie to do what you want. Its fuzzy pattern recognition doesn't need conditions to match exactly before it responds.

    IoT, Robotics, Network Security, Home Automation

  • What does Genie's bottle provide?

  • A Cognitive Computer in the Cloud

    Genies live in bottles.

    Your genie's bottle is a computer in the cloud. It provides a web interface to control your genie, and URLs for the API.

  • Web Interface

    Interact with your genie in real time with the Live Interface.

    Send it data and query for answers.

  • API for Developers

    Simple, yet powerful JSON-RPC API. Send data, get answers, troubleshoot solutions.

    Interact with Genie's Cognitive Processors through the API.

  • Backtesting Platform

    Standardized testing for your AI!

    Upload your data and click to run the test. Compare your results with others.

  • Information Analysis Platform

    How much useful or actionable information is in your data?

    The Information Analyzer quantifies this for you with one simple click. It analyzes the data and shows you the key indicators and noise. Use it to refine your data set.

  • Evolver

    Mutate and breed genies to improve solutions.

    Right-click on a Primitive to mutate its Genetically Configurable Parameters, or breed its parameters with other Primitives.

  • Where can I learn more?

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