Our Purpose

A new direction for a brighter future.

We're at a crossroads in human civilization. As a species, we're facing problems with exponentially increasing complexity, while the number of those problems is growing faster than we can identify them.

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We need a better solution.

Solving individual problems is no longer an option. We must create adaptive, intelligent solutions to survive. Our future will be determined by our collective next steps in machine intelligence.

Working for tomorrow, today.

We believe that the current trends in machine intelligence are good for solving many of today’s problems, but are incapable of solving tomorrow’s problems. We also believe that machine vision, natural language processing, decision science, deep learning, predictive analytics, data science, information theory and the other disparate fields of AI are related by a common solution, but today are still solved separately.

Paving a new path forward.

This single, common solution forms a modular foundation that can be reused for different problems. The complexity from which intelligence emerges cannot be manually coded by any number of engineers, and thus a new problem arises. To answer the call, we've built a unique platform designed to forge that path to the future of machine intelligence technology.

The next generation is born.

What we have built, though complex, is simple at its foundation. Our Cognitive Processor provides the required common modular foundation. It can be reused on any data set, providing solutions for a broader class of problems than was previously achievable. Data manipulatives networked with Cognitive Processors provide solution breadth, regardless of problem complexity. Each solution integrates cleanly with the others, enabling a ‘plug-and-play’ building block approach to machine intelligence. Additionally, multiple solutions on the same data sets provide robustness.

We believe that the path to a world with intelligent machines involves you.

You create a custom cognitive computer, a genie. You provide the genie with data. You reinforce its behavior. You breed and mutate genies to solve new, unanticipated or more complex problems. You reap the rewards of your creation. The human race benefits.

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