Our Purpose.

We exist to create new races of intelligent machines that partner with us in forging a new civilization that sustains, conserves, and evolves humanity to reach its full potential.

Our Mission.

To arm the DOD/IC with an overwhelming advantage for increased effects generation, trusted speed, and warfighter survivability.

Create the trusted intelligent future.

We're at a crossroads in human civilization. As a species, we're facing problems with exponentially increasing complexity, while the number of those problems is growing faster than we can identify. The low-hanging fruit has all been picked. What's left are difficult problems that require greater knowledge gained over multiple lifetimes. To survive, to thrive, we need help.

We must create adaptive, intelligent machine solutions that can distill lifetimes worth of information and hone it to address each problem. But in order to work with them, we must understand exactly how they function. The current trends in AI/ML are useful for solving some of today's problems but are woefully lacking when life, limb, or liberty is at stake. The inherent complexity of these solutions creates a black box barrier to assuring effective and trusted solutions that reduce the number of problems humanity is facing. Instead, they add to them. We need to scientifically understand and explain the nature of information and how it is transformed within electronic minds from data to become knowledge, wisdom, and behavior. We must be able to deterministically predict the actions of these intelligent machines. And when things go wrong, we must be able to guarantee the fixes. Our future will be determined by our next steps in machine intelligence.

As has always been the case throughout the sciences, abstracting complexities away to produce simpler concepts leads to greater clarity and understanding. It is a false premise that an artificial mind’s implementation must be as complicated and difficult to understand as the natural mind. At Intelligent Artifacts, we've built a framework with understandable modular components that make the data-to-behavior path transparent. We’ve cast this into a unique platform designed to forge that path to the future of machine intelligence technology. Our Cognitive Processor provides the required common modular foundation. It can be reused on any data set, providing solutions for a broader class of problems than was previously achievable. Data manipulatives networked with Cognitive Processors provide solution breadth, regardless of problem complexity. Our ThinkFlux module provides a reasoning layer on top. Each solution integrates cleanly with the others and multiple solutions applied to the same data sets provide robustness. With this framework, we’ve enabled a 'plug-and-play' building block approach to machine intelligence.

We believe that the path to a world with intelligent machines requires trust and we believe trust begins with understanding. To trust in machine intelligence, we must be able to verify and validate the solution. We must be able to explain and interpret the results and how they were generated. We must be able to trace answers back to the raw data that produced them. And we must be able to edit responses to mitigate disasters. And this must be repeatable every time, deterministically, regardless of the environment.

By building your machine intelligence application using IA’s technology, you build humanity’s future. Reach out to us to discuss how your problems can be solved using our approach.

Our Core Values.

1. Mission Above All Else.

Achieving our mission is of primary importance to us.
Everything else we do is in support of this endeavor.

2. Our People.

We believe that our personal growth begets our professional growth which begets success in our mission. We believe this can be achieved through a work environment filled with fun, wonder, creativity, agency, responsibility, and healthy challenges. We believe in working alongside like-minded people whom we can enjoy both personally and professionally while making an appropriate wage based on our achievements towards our mission. We believe in lifting our struggling colleagues that show potential. We believe there's no place for cynicism here.
Those who don't share our beliefs are welcome to the future we create, but will not have a say in creating it.

3. Business Practices.

We believe in being gentle and strong, fair and determined, flexible and decisive, ethical and strategic, honest and of the highest integrity in all that we do.

4. Products

We believe that our work should move towards adding good to the world, reducing bad when it can, and never introducing new harms.

5. Quality.

Our products are artifacts of these values.
As such, we believe in making them of the highest quality and robustness.

These are our guiding principles.

Whenever we have doubts we turn to these for answers. Whenever we face an existential threat, we weigh our survival against our adherence to these principles. If we come up light, we need to self terminate; If we cannot stand for these principles, we deserve not to stand at all. If we come up heavy, then we fight to survive and continue working towards fulfilling our mission.