New York, NY – PR Newswire – Tuesday, December 19, 2023

Scepter, Inc. Selects Intelligent Artifacts as their Machine Intelligence Provider for Emissions Monitoring

Enabling trusted and verifiable sensor fusion and data analytics

Against the backdrop of evolving guidance on ethical AI, Scepter Inc., an emerging climate tech firm that measures climate gases and air pollution globally in real-time, has tapped Intelligent Artifacts as their machine intelligence provider. Intelligent Artifacts will leverage their Artificial Intelligence/Machine Learning (AI/ML) & Reasoning technology as part of Scepter’s highly scalable fusion and data analytics platform developed in collaboration with Amazon Web Services. Adding Intelligent Artifacts’ capabilities enables more rapid sensor aggregation, normalization and optimization as a key component in Scepter’s efforts to characterize and quantify methane emissions.

“Intelligent Artifacts' unique capabilities will ensure that we can optimize our sensors efficiently to extract information from an array of globally deployed ground, air, and space sensors,” says Scepter CEO and Founder Philip Father, “Not only will we have global collection capabilities, but now we will be providing more timely, cost effective, accurate information to our clients to meet their monitoring and compliance needs.”

Scepter and Intelligent Artifacts’ ability to swiftly identify pollutants aligns well with COP28 objectives which are focused on implementing the Paris Agreement, emphasizing increased ambition and action to combat climate change. The heart of this collaboration lies in Intelligent Artifacts' unique ability to ingest multi-modal data from any source, as well as generate human-readable, deterministic, and fully auditable outcomes. Their compliance-assured machine intelligence is a symbolic, analytical, and connectionist platform uniquely differentiated from neural net approaches. By seamlessly integrating data from an array of sensors, their solution will enable real-time, accurate, and comprehensive emissions monitoring.

“Our game-changing technology allows us to verify and validate sensor data rapidly to support Scepter’s critical efforts to reduce methane emissions. We provide the flexibility to scale and adapt to support mission growth as Scepter looks to add additional data collection capabilities,” says Mike Edwards, Intelligent Artifacts Chief Growth Officer.

Scepter has developed and patented a ground-breaking approach to monitoring the atmosphere globally in real-time using an array of terrestrial, airborne, stratospheric and Low-Earth-Orbit satellite-based sensors to provide actionable information for businesses, consumers, governments and NGOs—what amounts to aggregating the largest footprint of atmospheric information on the globe.

These capabilities are not only critical for solving the global pollution and climate change crises, but also provide a platform for an emerging multibillion-dollar, commercial atmospheric monitoring industry with markets in government, energy, industry, healthcare, agriculture, insurance and cosmetics.

Scepter distinguishes itself among other air monitoring entities in that its measurements are global and in real-time and measure a variety of emissions: particulates, methane and other criteria pollutants. For more on Scepter, visit

Intelligent Artifacts is a leading provider of cutting-edge Artificial Intelligence/Machine Learning & Reasoning (AI/ML/R) solutions for the Defense, Intelligence, and Aerospace industries. With a focus on modularity, interoperability, scalability, and compliance we empower organizations to harness the full potential of machine intelligence to support multi-domain operations, situational understanding, and real-time decision support to drive operational success.

Intelligent Artifacts’ symbolic, deterministic, and connectionist platform enables AI/ML/R for a multitude of use cases to handle multi-modal data and support seamlessly, even at the edge and when disconnected from networks. This technology offering is a trustworthy, transparent, and effective solution for mission and safety-critical applications as a pathway to achieving human-level intelligence. To learn more, visit