Transform your operations.

Enhancing readiness and resilience.

Intelligent Artifacts offers scalable AI/ML & Reasoning solutions for the Defense, Intelligence, and Aerospace industries. Improve operations, enhance services, and make the most up-to-date informed decisions with modular, scalable, and flexible solutions to meet a spectrum of mission needs.

Mission Areas

Intelligence, Surveillance & Reconnaissance

Innovative multi-int fusion capabilities for situational understanding in the battlespace.
  • Sensor fusion that resolves unknowns, anomalies, & ambiguities
  • Supports disconnected sensor operations & faster reconstitution
  • Sensor performance validation & optimization
  • Reduced workload for analysts
  • Object detection
  • Prescriptive sensor tipping & cueing
  • Accelerates the TCPED process

Command & Control

Optimized personnel and equipment efficiencies through human-like reasoning and optimized operations linked to the current objectives to meet Commander’s intent.
  • Rapid decision-making & execution
  • Optimized COA evaluation supporting Commander’s intent & objectives
  • Increased survivability & effects generation
  • Dynamic tasking
  • Prioritized actions in denied or degraded federated network environments
  • Multi-domain operations
  • Force Multiplying D5 effects for integrated Kinetic & Non-Kinetic operations
  • Accelerates the kill chain


Enhanced cyber defense in an increasingly complex and challenging security environment.
  • Automated system security understanding
  • Optimized defense responses to meet mission needs
  • Multi-domain operations
  • Reduced cognitive load for cyber operators
  • Zero-day threats & anomaly detection with automated responses

Predictive Maintenance & Logistics

Optimized maintenance and logistics operations to predict demand and better allocate resources to maximize equipment lifespans and reliability.
  • Supply chain optimization
  • Predictive maintenance support at the tactical edge
  • Fault-failure resolution
  • Accurate predictions of logistical needs
  • Prioritized actions in denied or degraded federated network environments


Certifiable ML under DO-178C guidance for commercial aviation offers dual-use opportunities for airborne and ground-based applications in military and civil aircraft.
  • Safe landing zone indications
  • Platform sensor fusion that resolves unknowns, anomalies, and ambiguities
  • Course deconfliction
  • Reduced cognitive load for pilots
  • Enhanced flight safety for low-altitude helicopter operations


Real-time monitoring and analysis of multi-modal data to enable rapid response and avoidance maneuvers while maximizing mission performance.
  • Object detection
  • Increased Situational Understanding
  • On-orbit processing and data fusion
  • Prescriptive sensor tipping & cueing
  • Mission optimization
  • Predictive maneuver recommendations

A streamlined and bias-free approach to problem-solving with a single, revolutionary AI framework.

Enable enterprise-level AI/ML and reasoning (AI/ML/R) for your organization to support a multitude of use cases, data types, and deployment options at scale with GAIuS.