New York, NY – PR Newswire – Tuesday, May 23, 2023

Intelligent Artifacts Pledges Commitment to Responsible Artificial Intelligence

Brand Manifesto Unveiled for Creating the Trusted Intelligent Future of AI

Intelligent Artifacts, a leading innovator in the field of machine intelligence, solidifies their commitment to responsible AI in a new manifesto which you can read here on their website.

"The importance of trust and transparency and the problems with neural networks are topics that we've been discussing with our customers, partners, and employees since we began," says Sevak Avakians, Intelligent Artifacts' Founder and CEO. "It made sense to codify our beliefs in this way knowing that it is possible to build a transparent, fully auditable, and high-performing AI without using neural networks because, well, that's exactly what we did."

At the core of the brand manifesto is a commitment to transparency and trust. Intelligent Artifacts knows that trust is essential for the widespread adoption of AI and that trust begins with understanding. By providing clear explanations of AI outputs, detecting bias, ensuring understandable decision-making processes, and having baked-in features to identify and remove bad data, the company aims to foster trust between their symbolic AI system and its human users.

"We are uniquely capable of deploying in heavily regulated defense, intelligence, and aviation communities because of the differentiating features that make our system reliable and compliant. What's more, our solution is fully customizable and we're able to inject policy requirements top-down that are applicable to a given use case. This gives us the ability to operate and evolve in highly dynamic environments where responsible AI is crucial," says Mike Edwards, Intelligent Artifacts' Chief Growth Officer.

Intelligent Artifacts' brand manifesto for creating the trusted intelligent future signifies another step forward in the company's ongoing commitment to deploying trustworthy and transparent AI solutions to solve complex problems.

Intelligent Artifacts is a leader in Cognitive Machine Intelligence specializing in modular, flexible, cost-effective, and scalable Artificial Intelligence/Machine Learning and Reasoning (AI/ML/R) for the Defense, Intelligence, and Aerospace industries. IA supports a multitude of use cases, data types, and deployment options, even at the edge, while remaining fully explainable, computable, interpretable, traceable, and editable (ExCITE). Our disruptive technology ensures trustworthy, transparent, and effective AI/ML integration across mission and safety-critical applications as a pathway to achieving human-level intelligence. To learn more visit