Former Director on Project Warp Speed Provides Strategic Guidance for Artificial Intelligence Company

NEW YORK, Sept. 20, 2022 /PRNewswire/ -- Intelligent Artifacts, a leading provider of machine intelligence solutions for mission and safety-critical systems, today announced the addition of retired U.S. Army Lieutenant General Paul Ostrowski to their advisory board. Lt. Gen. Ostrowski brings over 36 years of experience within government and DOD specializing in logistics, acquisitions, and operations, including recent work on Project Warp Speed to help accelerate the development of a COVID-19 vaccine.

"Paul will be instrumental in shaping how we approach decision-makers within DOD and the government," said Mike Edwards, Intelligent Artifacts' Chief Growth Officer. "He has a deep understanding of the problems these customers face, particularly within the Army, and will provide us with strategic guidance on how to solve specific pain points using our trustworthy solution where other solutions either do not yet exist or have previously fallen short."

Lieutenant General Ostrowski will work closely with Intelligent Artifacts' senior leadership to encourage the adoption of Intelligent Artifacts' AI/ML solution across military and government applications. Prior to serving as Director of Supply, Production and Distribution on Project Warp Speed, Ostrowski had a distinguished career in the U.S. Army as a Three-star General that culminated in his role as the Principal Military Deputy and Director of the Army Acquisition Corps where he oversaw more than 720 diverse acquisition programs including aviation, ground combat vehicles, precision fires, network, and air defense systems with a combined portfolio of $36 billion.

"Artificial Intelligence will play an essential role in improving military operations and has the potential to save many lives," said Ostrowski. "When Mike first described what Intelligent Artifacts is capable of, I was interested but skeptical. A problem-agnostic, low SWaP-c, fully explainable AI tool that functions at the tactical edge sure would open a world of possibilities. After meeting with the rest of the team and becoming more familiar with the technology, I am eager to lend my support."

About Intelligent Artifacts
As a leader in machine intelligence, IA provides the complete intelligence layer for Defense and Aerospace customers in need of modular, flexible, and scalable AI solutions to meet a spectrum of mission needs. Their fully explainable Artificial Intelligence/Machine Learning/Reasoning (AI/ML/R) framework is trustworthy and transparent for mission and safety-critical applications as a pathway to achieving human-level intelligence. To learn more, visit Intelligent Artifacts | Next Generation Machine Intelligence.

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