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Transform with next generation machine intelligence.

Transform your business efficiency & effectiveness with a machine intelligence that can immediately start creating greater understanding, regardless of industry or complexity.

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We created technology that scales with you.

Our approach to AI is both dynamic and platform-agnostic, with a universal I/O format that integrates directly with your existing workflows. Our clients love that this scales with your solutions vertically and horizontally with ease.

Explainable AI leads to more accurate insights.

Our proprietary framework eliminates flawed models processing data with high evidence and confidence levels masking weak prediction relevance. That means accurate identification of non-trivial data and enabling improved business intelligence without the need for costly code refactoring.

A powerful platform for faster decision-making.

Our developer-centered framework gives you enterprise-level data science through a future-forward technology stack, without the need for pre-processing or pre-modeling data. That means giving your team the power to create solutions in hours, not months.

Easily build customized solutions for your business.

Powerful cognitive machine intelligence demands a truly integrated business model. By combining our team of specialized AI consultants with our dynamic system, you'll get customized solutions that offer deep insights and greater outcomes from your data.

Here's how it works:


Using GAIuS™, our team will evaluate for AI readiness and identify opportunities by gathering insights from your data. These insights inform the agile development of a customized platform specific to your business.


Our co-created AI strategies are informed by your data and enable us to deliver a rapid prototype that prioritizes ease of implementation and demonstrates potential return to inform optimal solutions.


A cohesive and custom solution built with our universal I/O format platform will be implemented by our team with the ultimate objective of allowing your business to evolve the way you work through powerful insights and faster, more accurate decisions.

A single system for all solutions, just like it was meant to be.

There's no more need for multiple systems to solve multiple problems with AI. Solve any data-centric problem in any domain:

Machine Vision

Predictive Maintenance

Predictive Analytics

Sensor Fusion

Agile Logistics

Cyber Resilience


SCM Optimization

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