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GAIuS: A Reusable, DO-178C Certifiable AI/ML/R Engine for Avionics Systems

A Simple Yet Complete Approach for V&V and Certification of Your AI/ML/R Applications


Intelligent Artifacts is ushering in a new category of machine learning

that raises the expectations of AI solutions to meet regulatory standards and encompasses many of the elements an AI needs to operate transparently and effectively in applications that affect life, death, and well-being.

Challenges Around Airborne Machine Learning

Airborne Machine Learning applications are not making it into production as many popular ML technologies fail to meet DO-178C standards.

GAIuS: Certifiable, Reusable AI/ML/R for Aviation

Intelligent Artifacts' solution will be the first reusable, certifiable general-use engine to enable Artificial Intelligence / Machine Learning / Reasoning (AI/ML/R) for airborne applications.

DO-330 Qualifiable Tools for Learning Assurance

Data sets dictate the behavior and results of AI-based systems. Intelligent Artifacts’ DO-330 qualifiable tools provide an efficient, scalable tool set for this activity  to support certifiable AI-based applications.

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