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Designed from the ground up by engineers for engineers, our platform enables developers at various skill levels to build horizontally and vertically scalable solutions with less time and effort than other AI platforms, allowing for solutions to be implemented within hours, not days or months.

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We're built on a foundation of constant iteration and continuous improvement, processes we believe help us build a better future as engineers. We know first-hand that today's AI solutions, though incredibly valuable once in application, come with their share of headaches. We wanted to see if we could rise to the challenge and create a better kind of machine intelligence, one that could eliminate current solutions' shortcomings. With our next generation machine intelligence platform, you'll get all the things you want and should expect from a true AGI.

(Be) Efficient.

Who doesn't want a single solution that can scale horizontally with little-to-no effort? Using Genie and GAIuS, our proprietary GUI platform and cognitive framework, rapidly build solutions you can use and re-use regardless of data source or problem domain.

(Be) Problem Agnostic.

No need to worry about trying to solve every problem individually, and it's about time. The world's growing problem complexity demands it. Instead, let the data provide you the intelligence on all problems and make improvements on its own. Go ahead, take a load off. Let evolution do its thing.

(Be) Loosely Coupled.

Instead of requiring tightly coupled data and intelligence models, clean separation of layers means no part of our system retains biases about any specific problem domain, allowing it to learn continuously from its environment. Take on any data-centric problem in any environment. Yes, we said any.

Complex AI you can understand.

We became engineers because we're obsessed with solving problems, and the quicker we can do so the better. While we love a good challenge, running into mounds of unnecessary work gets old (and boring). Today's AI solutions, while impressive in application, have a cap to their utility. When iterating or applying to new domains, effectiveness starts to break down. High levels of expertise and domain-specific knowledge are required to not only build solutions, but maintain them. No solution has been both explainable and can automatically learn in real-time from the data–until now.


It’s no longer good enough to have an answer. You need to understand how the answer was generated. Otherwise, you're left guessing (continuously) about how to improve, scale, or re-apply your solution to a new problem domain. Who has time for guesses? Because our data and intelligence layers are decoupled, everything within the solution is explainable and repeatable.

Modular & Expansive.

You also need the elements of the solution to be able to connect together in different vertical ways to solve more complex problems without having to write code or solve those problems a priori. The ability to apply solutions horizontally across your business without spending time re-developing or re-training means deploying in hours, not months.


Finally, we understand you need your solutions to create and evolve without any manual steps or input necessary. No more meticulous re-modeling or re-training. No more banging your head against the black box of inexplicability. Integrate and design your solutions with 4 REST API calls and 7 lines of code, then let GAIuS do the rest. How's that for easy?

Solve like you were made to.

While we can boast capabilities with the platform all we want, we know AI is still nothing without the engineer. Here's what GAIuS will enable you to do unlike any other:


Adapt solutions to any domain with little-to-no coding or pre-processing and pre-modeling data.


Enable cross-domain contextual learning for new or improved solutions across domains.


What anomalies, utilities, and missing or extra events are in the data?


Elevate your ROI by reducing time, effort, and dollars to produce solutions across the business data ecosystem.


Eliminate the black box. Know the how, not just the what, with fully explainable results.


Grow your opportunity landscape because the system accepts all data types and requires little integration effort.


Automate the evolution of solutions due to lifelong learning happening in real-time at the point of observation.


Because of the clean separation of the data, intelligence, and application layers, let different players work on different parts of the solution with ease.


Don't let Genie and GAIuS have all the fun. Manually model and manipulate topologies, too.

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